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Walking Safari - Zambia

Return To The Natural Rhythm of Life On A Walking Safari

Walking safaris have become a bucket-list activity for intrepid travelers visiting Africa. Stride through some of the best wilderness areas in Africa alongside a seasoned expert.

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Multi Gen Safari

Multi-Generational Safaris: The perfect way to reconnect with family

Multi-generational travel (also known as multi-gen or 3G travel) has been on the rise for some time. More families are choosing to make the most of their time together while exploring some enchanting places. We couldn’t agree more with a safari being the perfect opportunity to meet up, slow down, and get into the wild where you connect in ways you never dreamed possible.

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Indi Indri

Wild for Madagascar – A Selection of our Favorite Places

If you are an active wildlife enthusiast who places experiential travel above creature comforts, Madagascar ranks among the world’s most alluring and worthwhile bucket-list destinations. Here are half a dozen hotspots that should be included on any itinerary to the world’s strangest island.

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Safari Vehicle Sunrise

Let’s Get Back on the Road

Planning a trip is the first step – Take it!
Africa is a perfect choice for restless wanderers–where remote locations and intimate exclusive camps make it easy to socially distance, but in style! Forging a new path in the world on a trip satisfies our deep need to connect with others to celebrate our commonality and bridge our differences.

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