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NamibiaSouth Africa

Where the Sky Meets the Earth

There are truly unique and rare space-related geological wonders in Africa. So, while journeying in southern Africa, consider including a little piece of space in your amazing holiday!

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My Beautiful Home 2
People + Culture

My Beautiful Home

Imagine a world where rich traditional heritage and modern western civilization functioned as perfect pairs? It is from having a vision like this that the idea of My Beautiful Home Was born.

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NM - Wolwedans
Environment + Conservation

Beyond “Greenwashing”

Currently, there is “green” everywhere, from retail products and services to business and tourism services. Welcome to the world of greenwashing

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Read Africa

Over many years we have scoured bookstore, libraries, garage sales, and more. To say we are passionate about books is an understatement. Enjoy!

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Women Ranger in Virunga

Women in Conservation

“A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.” This truth is visible everyday as African women tap into their immense power and make great strides in the world of conservation.

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