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Chikwenya Camp

The best of Zimbabwe

A journey through Zim (as we affectionately know her) promises a colorful experience – to say the least – guaranteed to enhance and enrich your spirit. From laidback metropoles lined with flaming msasa trees to countless natural wonders and wildlife galore, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling as though you’ve just discovered one of the most spectacular countries on the African continent.  

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Africa’s Small Five: Meet the iconic little beasties of the bush

If you haven’t yet heard, there is another special group of animals to add to your safari bucket list called the ‘Small Five’. And while this tiny troupe might still be overlooked because of their size, these little beasts are no less fascinating than their bigger (and more famous) counterparts.

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Conservation Safari

Conservation Safaris In Africa

Looking for conservation safaris in Africa? Be it wildlife protection or community development, there’s a mind-boggling amount of impactful initiatives across the African continent worth supporting. The question is, where to begin?

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Namibia – sweeping vistas, starry skies, deserts, and dunes

Those who embark on a trip to Namibia are changed forever. There’s just something magical about this striking desert realm that stirs the soul.

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Where to see lions on safari

One of Africa’s iconic species, lions are on every wildlife enthusiast’s list. They are found throughout east and southern Africa but certain regions have more reliable and consistent sightings.  We will highlight not only our favorite destinations to see lions, but we will introduce you to a few different types of lions – and a few infamous prides. 

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