Botswana is a country of unspoiled wilderness. With more vegetation to hide in, travelers on safari in Botswana tend to experience the wildlife on a more intimate level than that found on the great savannas of Africa. The Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta represent not only Botswana’s juxtaposed physical geography but also a diverse habitat for its people. A peaceful, safe country with a stable government and fast growing economy, Botswana is truly a treasure of the South.

Botswana’s main attraction is the Okavango Delta. The delta’s nearly 5,800 square miles of channels, flood plains, lakes and islands allow for excellent game viewing in a number of different ways. On safari, you can observe animals from open vehicles, by mokoro (a dug-out canoe), by pontoon, sometimes on foot, and don’t forget the incredible views as you fly into the game areas. At the heart of the Delta is the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, noted as one of the best animal reserves in southern Africa and home to plentiful big game and incomparable bird species.

North of the Delta, you’ll find the Linyanti region with characteristic swamps during the rainy season, and as the plains dry out, attracting many large mammal species. Also not to be missed is Chobe National Park which lies to the northeast of the Delta continuously attracting game to the Chobe River, and the Makgadikgadi Pans which allows one to experience a unique isolation and conception of extraordinary space. Finally the Central Kalahari Game Reseve covers 20,000 square miles of desert but attracts the least amount of visitors.  

Best Time to Visit

Most non-desert destinations have good game viewing year round, however, May – August is the most comfortable time to travel with temperatures ranging between 45 and 85 degrees. This is the ideal time to visit because it is also the dry season sighting distances increase as vegetation recedes. The desert regions have the best viewing from December to May.