Zambian Carnivore Programme

The Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP) is a Zambian-registered non-profit organization dedicated to conserving large carnivores and the ecosystems they reside in through a combination of conservation science, conservation actions, and a comprehensive education and capacity-building effort. We work in close collaboration with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to accomplish the following goals:

  1. To safeguard large carnivores, their prey and habitat through research, conservation and education

  2. To utilize large carnivores and their prey as flagship species for large landscape conservation

  3. To provide information and recommendations to the DNPW and support efforts to conserve wildlife and ecosystems

  4. To increase knowledge and understanding of large carnivore and large herbivore dynamics and interrelationships and contribute to conservation of these species as a whole

  5. To build capacity with Zambian organizations and governmental agencies for conservation of large carnivores and herbivores, their ecological functions and habitats.

The Zambian Carnivore Programme follows a three-pronged interdisciplinary approach to fulfill its goals, and the success of this work fundamentally rests on our diverse and effective collaborations with local, national and international partners, agencies, organizations and institutions that collectively provide the expertise, resources and energy to address the myriad conservation challenges facing Zambia and the region.

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