Conservation & Community

Our commitment is real.

An African safari is a transformative life experience. The connection is instant and only deepens the more time you spend there. After just one visit, you’re guaranteed to be captivated long after you’ve returned home.

While we love sharing the magic of Africa through tailormade safari experiences, one of our primary goals is to ensure that our favorite continent is always cherished and protected. To us, sustainability means the continuity of life, and that’s why we support incentives that work to preserve Africa’s animals, wild spaces, and local communities. We only partner with local operators, lodges, and camps that recognize the importance of sustainable land use, human empowerment, and wildlife preservation. Each of our safari programs fully supports these values, allowing you to travel with purpose and peace of mind knowing that your trip is making a positive impact. 

Here are several important conservation and community projects you can help us support by choosing to travel with ATC

Conservation programs and community partnerships that benefit from your safari

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