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So, you are thinking about booking a safari–excellent! We think there is nothing else in the world that can compare with a journey through the wildlife areas, cultures, and rhythms of Africa. Now you just need to decide when and where you will go! Daunting? Overwhelming? Absolutely, which is why you should connect with our experts to walk you through the options. Here are some basic parameters to give you an idea of how to have the best safari anytime of year in any destination


Safaris in sub-Saharan Africa can be done year-round. If you are tied into specific travel dates our knowledgeable team will make recommendations that are best suited for your time frame. If your dates are a bit more flexible, you can take advantage of off-season values and varied landscapes based on weather.

Generally speaking, there are dry seasons and green (or wet) seasons in most safari locations. Dry season means optimal viewing conditions since the vegetation is likely short grass and trees with less cover. Dry season is synonymous with the peak travel season; which translates to camps being full and seeing more travelers along your way. Don’t worry–we know plenty of hidden gems which offer remoteness and exclusivity where you will feel like the only people on the planet!

Green season comes with more rain (mostly in the afternoons, but sometimes all day). There is healthier vegetation which is lush and thick–both on the ground and in the shrubs and trees. This makes it harder to spot wildlife but it lends to more dramatically beautiful skies and landscapes bursting with vibrancy. Lots of babies are born during this season because there is plentiful food for them to consume. While green season conditions are challenging in terms of viewing and transport, it is quite favorable on the wallet. Discounts and value-packed pricing abound during the shoulder and green seasons. And, you encounter less travelers overall so you really get a different sense of safari life!

Of course, if you have a dream trip item in mind, like you must see pangolins or gorillas or Victoria Falls, we will factor those things into our advice to you about what time of year to travel and which locations to include on your travel agenda.


We are going to let you in on a little secret…are you ready? No matter where you choose to spend your safari days, it’s a good choice! You seriously cannot go wrong in picking a specific country or region. Any place you choose will be life-changing. Impactful. Incredible. In our decades of curating personal trips, we have learned that different regions hold special magic. Below we paint some broad strokes to get you started on figuring out what YOU want from your safari.

East Africa: refers to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda

      Well-known for expansive vistas of the plains in the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem of Kenya and Tanzania

      Home to large concentrations of game, including the wildebeest migration

      Uganda and Rwanda can both be stand alone safaris or added on to include gorilla trekking

      Outstanding birding throughout all East African nations

      Beautiful coastal areas offer barefoot bliss in Afro-Arabic crossroads

      All countries in East Africa are well-suited for overland or fly-in travel

Southern Africa: refers to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Malawi and Mozambique

      Associated with greater wildlife diversity and more remote locations

      Smaller concentrations of game but more ways to view due to more varied activities

      Remote places like Namibia offer intrepid travelers a challenge to spot wildlife in some truly spectacular landscapes

      Wonderful opportunities for bird watching throughout all of Southern Africa

      Mozambique and Malawi offer relaxation along the coast or lake pre or post safari

      Typically, safaris throughout Southern Africa are fly-in due to vast distances between locations, however, some overland components are possible

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