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Gretchen Healy

Gretchen Healy

We love Namibia for its stark and extraordinary beauty, amazing desert-adapted wildlife, and its incredible vastness. With dramatic mountains, a rocky, shipwreck-strewn coast, some of the world’s highest sand dunes, and rare and exotic flora and fauna, it’s a totally different safari experience – and one we can’t recommend highly enough!

A few fun facts about Namibia

· The country is more than twice the size of California, but with only 2.4 million people, it’s the second least densely populated country on earth

· It is 51 times the size of the Okavango Delta

· Namibia achieved independence in 1990

· 1st African nation to incorporate the protection of land into its constitution

· Today, 46% of the country (and counting) is under conservation status!

· It is home to the largest population of free-roaming cheetah in Africa

· Its rhino population is growing

· It is home to amazing desert-adapted species such as the elephant, lion and rhino

Namibia is getting noticed, and with increased travel to the country, we are seeing new, up-and-coming camps – such as //Huab Under Canvas and Sossus Under Canvas. These properties are redefining luxury – they are about exclusivity and experiential travel, rather than amenities and thread count – and are designed for guests to get out and reconnect with nature.

It’s a wonderful destination for families as well! We can offer a tailored family safari that includes visits to a wildlife sanctuary, the world’s largest meteorite, a bottomless lake (!), traditional safari activities and more. There’s plenty of opportunities for the kids to burn off energy, too! Think lie-down sandboarding, kayaking close to seals, swimming and rhino tracking. We can even offer exclusive camping experiences that cater to the special needs of a family –  whether it’s to have dinner early, or have kids rambunctiously run around the camp barefoot without restraint.

For our most intrepid travelers, Namibia offers the chance to self-drive on safari. Ask us about crafting a customized driving safari! We’ll sort out the perfect routing, along with a safari-worthy vehicle and support should you need it.

For a thorough look at what the country has to offer to travelers, ask us about our Ultimate Namibia Safari. You’ll get to sea kayak with dolphins and seals, climb some of the world’s largest free-standing sand dunes, examine some of the country’s beautiful ancient rock art, visit the local Himba tribe, track desert-adapted elephants, and enjoy game drives in the unique Etosha National Park. And you’ll do it all with one of our extraordinary guides!

Contact us for information on this great safari, or to learn more about Namibia.

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