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Uganda is a treasure trove of wonders waiting to be unlocked by discerning travelers. Known primarily for being a haven for endangered Mountain gorillas, Uganda offers so much more for safari-goers. Dozens of other primates are found within the Kibale Forest, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Observe plains game such as giraffe, elephant, buffalo, Ugandan kob, lion, cheetah, hippo and zebra at Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth or Lake Mburo. For true wilderness away from it all, delve into Kidepo Valley National Park in northeast Uganda.

Adventurous travelers might revel in rafting near the headwaters of the mighty Nile River at Jinja or trekking in the Rwenzori Mountains, affectionately called the ‘Mountains of the Moon’. Bird enthusiasts delight in searching for the rare Shoebill and over a thousand other species found here. Through a tangle of vines and roots along steep slopes, track Mountain gorillas for a glimpse into their daily lives. You may find the intelligent brown eyes staring back at you reflect the inquisitiveness of your own. 

Most travelers opt for overland safaris where the colorful countryside and stunning landscapes slip by, but flying safaris are possible. Along the way, incredibly knowledgeable guides and talented trackers are by your side. They are your liaison to the different cultures of Uganda and enhance your knowledge of wildlife behavior. Take your rest in boutique lodges and camps with charming hospitality from welcoming and well-trained staff. Nothing about tourism in Uganda is contrived and everything is simple, understated, and uncrowded.

What we love about Uganda

Gorgeous gorillas — No matter what you choose to do in Uganda, Mountain gorillas are the rightful stars of the safari. Tucked high on the misty cool mountainsides, these families are not unlike our own. Protective fathers sitting sentry, mothers trying to wrangle wily children, and youngsters with boundless energy testing their limits and abilities every day. It is a beautiful experience to sit alongside these creatures and witness a fragment of their world.
Various destinations in Uganda offer you the chance to assist in research or care for rescued wildlife.

Cheeky Chimpanzees – Spend a day habituating chimpanzees in Kibale Forest or perhaps assist a lion researcher in collecting valuable data in Queen Elizabeth National Park. For those who need to know more about the care of rescued animals, Ngamba Island and the Uganda Wildlife Education Center offer hands-on experiences and in-depth discussions about issues facing wildlife in the country. 

There is a very peaceful and calm vibe when traveling through Uganda. Local artists and vendors are very subtle and quiet in contrast to their counterparts in other East African nations. Culture, heritage, and tradition are treated with reverence and are unexpectedly genuine and warm. The Karamajong people near Kidepo Valley are fascinating and genuinely invite you to mingle in their villages. The marginalized Batwa in the Bwindi area share their ancient ways of survival in the forest with visitors. Travelers may come to view gorillas but they will go home loving the Ugandan people.

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