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Zimbabwe was once the pinnacle of tourism in Africa, then political upheaval sent travelers to neighboring countries for safaris. Through it all, the tourism industry remained steadfast and continued to protect wildlife like lion, wild dog, elephant, rhino and many other species. Our partners were resourceful and expertly provided superior safaris despite hardships. Today, Zimbabwe thrives and rises to the top once again providing outstanding wildlife experiences and lodging for you and much needed livelihoods for everyday Zimbabweans.

The national parks are accessed by a network of bush flights, but overland safaris are possible. Top notch game viewing combined with the most rigorously trained guides on the continent are a winning combination! Further, you will spend your days in some of the most remote spaces in all of Africa, cradled in comfort by a warm caring team.

Rich in diversity of destinations in addition to wildlife and birding, Zimbabwe is home to five UNESCO World Heritage sites. Wonders abound from the mighty Victoria Falls to the downstream tranquility of Mana Pools National Park, the rock art on massive granite formations of Matobo Hills, and the archeological wonders of Great Zimbabwe Ruins and Khami Ruins National Monument.

You will find a wide range of ways to explore Zimbabwe. Stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone with adrenaline activities in Victoria Falls–abseiling, bungee jumping, white water rafting, and zip lining across the gorge. In the wilderness areas, get your boots dusty on a walking safari or a bush horseback ride. Kayak, canoe, or motor along the nation’s waterways in search of birds and wildlife. Let us help you find your way to explore Zimbabwe!

What we love about Zimbabwe

Fall for the Falls — Let’s be honest, most trips to Zimbabwe include at least one night at the spectacular Victoria Falls (we recommend at least two). It’s worth it, as the Falls are simply stunning. Ramble about the trails in the forests on the edge of the gorge with your guide and search for rainbows, angels, and devils. The crafts market is an experience unto itself and there are a multitude of activities to choose from to enjoy the river, the gorge, and the surrounding areas.

Bygone era — In southern Zimbabwe, outside of Bulawayo, the massive Great Zimbabwe Ruins hold secrets about the civilization which built them. Huge granite walls, turrets, and towers were built without mortar between the 11th and 15th centuries, showing that their occupants were skilled craftsmen. Sadly, much of Great Zimbabwe’s archeological record was lost to treasure hunters, but curious artifacts remain. Wander the ruins with your expert guide and imagine what life was like for the residents of this city.

Rare finds — Matobo Hills National Park is home to a unique landscape dotted with enormous granite boulders and formations, which sheltered the nomadic San bushmen over 40,000 years ago. Hear the fascinating history of the San amongst the thousands of rock art paintings found in the caves and crevices around the park. This sacred space is revered by local tribes and traditional ceremonies are still performed here. To enrich your visit further, track both white and black rhino on foot or by vehicle. There are not many places on the continent that can boast both species of rhino in their environment. It’s just one more thing to make Matobo Hills special!

In Zimbabwe, May through October are the long dry season, where the wildlife viewing is at its peak but temperatures get down to freezing in the mornings and evenings. Bring a winter weight jacket, warm hat and gloves! By October, the weather warms up and rain colors the landscape in verdant tones. Wildlife watching is still good throughout the year.  Kindly note that the Victoria Falls typically reach their highest volume in March and lowest in October.

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