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Be honest you've been counting the days.

There’s no doubt that last year was tough for everyone, but those with wanderlust in their veins had it especially hard. International travel came to a standstill and many had to cancel or delay travel plans, often with no firm idea of when they would reach for their passport again.

Thankfully, we appear to have turned a corner as vaccinations rise and case rates plunge, offering us a glimpse of the future – complete with opening borders. You might not quite be packing your bags just yet, but maybe you can see that boarding gate off in the distance – and it’s a very welcome sight! 

So, how do you pull yourself out of the COVID-tinged malaise?  You start planning travel to places you fantasized about all year long, that’s how! Africa is a perfect choice for restless wanderers–where remote locations and intimate exclusive camps make it easy to socially distance, but in style! Forging a new path in the world on a trip satisfies our deep need to connect with others to celebrate our commonality and bridge our differences. For many travelers, the extended lockdowns of the pandemic left us craving these bonds.  

Whether you are an Instagram fiend or prefer a trusty pen and notebook, travel planning is a beloved past-time in its own right. Take it from us, we do it for a living!  We relish finding the best local partners who guide you on your journey as you delve into everything from local cuisine, captivating history, and mesmerizing wildlife spectacles. We listen, we learn about you, we discern what your deepest desires are for your trip. We uncover things you weren’t even looking for. We carefully mold a trip around you, making the planning process as detailed or as loose as you wish. Planning for a trip not only brings great pleasure, but it can also boost your overall mental health and well-being.

Give in to your wanderlust.

Calling our expert team at Africa Travel Centre satisfies more than your wanderlust. It bonds you to another place and a network of professionals who have just one goal, your happiness. After you book, we suggest tantalizing books, movies, and share secrets to make your trip come alive before you ever set foot in Africa. Eyes fixed on the bright horizon, we help shift your mindset from imagination to reality. With a safari on your calendar, the anticipation will feel joyful in itself but will also remind you that the difficulties of the past year will not last forever. Something to look forward to and something to work towards naturally lifts your spirits and inspires you to keep going through the hard times.  To borrow a common travel phrase, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. As it turns out, a number of studies have shown that the anticipation of an upcoming trip, more than an upcoming material purchase, substantially increases our happiness.

Planning During COVID - The practicalities.

Now we’ve espoused the benefits of travel planning with us to get you motivated, here are a few tips from our veteran planning team:

  • Keep a relaxed attitude & rely on us: With COVID protocols and situations changing so rapidly, travelers have to ‘roll with it’ more often than usual these days. Working with a seasoned team like ours will smooth out some of those bumps but will take understanding on your part that some things are simply out of our control. We problem solve and find alternatives on a daily basis as things are moving quickly with rules and regulations–let us navigate that for you and trust that we have your best interest at heart.
  • Set a realistic timeframe: many places for the second half of 2021 are full or filling quickly. Booking now will give you the best chance of securing the properties and experiences you really want instead of settling for a second-choice option. Booking further out into 2022 is also a fantastic alternative right now. Most of our partners are offering a lot of flexibility in terms of refunds and cancellation to give you peace of mind when confirming.
  • Buy the insurance: We always recommend you protect your travel investment with a good insurance policy tailored to cover your specific safari costs. In such unprecedented times, it is essential to have coverage that maximizes your chance of recovering your funds. While we are not insurance experts, we have developed a relationship with reputable and reliable partners who can answer all of your travel insurance questions.

At Africa Travel Centre, safaris are in our blood and we are thrilled at the prospect of getting back to what we do best.  Contact us today to dust off that passport and start planning your adventure!

Big Journeys Start With Small Steps

~ African Proverb

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