Namibia is one of the world’s most arid and most beautiful countries. A nation only since 1990 it has become famous for its stark beauty, spectacular desert ecosystem , diversity of tribes and captivating scenery. It is said by local Namibians that when God made this country he did so in anger. The vast Namib desert occupies much of the territory and bequeathed the nation its name. To the north and east of the sandy wilderness lie rocky deserts with moonscapes , and dry thornveld savanna. Where the Namib desert meets the cold Atlantic Ocean , unusual weather conditions prevail and the resultant mist and fog in the early mornings brings life – giving moisture to sustain the wide variety of the desert creatures. The Skeleton Coast is the treacherous stretch of coastline to the north of Swakopmund. The Orange River forms the border with South Africa , and the Kunene and Kavango Rivers run along the northern frontier. In between there is precious little water at all.

Etosha National Park – one of the world’s largest and most famous wildlife sanctuaries in the northern savanna region is Namibia’s premier tourist attraction. The landscape is beautiful and extreme at Fish River Canyon. The Skeleton Coast marks the area where sea meets the great Namib dunes, and historically met with thunderous results. The Waterberg Plateau Park houses some rare species and vibrant sandstone dramatically sculpted by nature. Other attractions are the dunes and desertscapes of the Namib Naukluft National Park, Kaokoland and Damaraland. Desert adapted Elephant, Black Rhino and Baboon dwell successfully in remote areas, while Lion, Leopard and Large herds of Burchell’s zebra roam in Etosha. Many unique birds also occur in the desert ecosystems. The animal viewing in Namibia is quite different than the bush safaris found in it’s neighboring countries, the desert habitat presents a whole new way of seeing things.

Best Time to Visit

Winter ( May – September ) is the best time to visit the game parks and the central and northern regions when the days are warm with clear skies and the nights are cold.