Our Favorite Live African Safaricams

Getting excited for your upcoming safari? Or have you returned back home but wish you were back in Africa? Fear not, you can watch African animals in real time with safari cameras that you can stream online! Here are our favorites:

Africam.com – Africam has 6 different streams from various locations in South Africa, placed in “actions spots” like watering holes. Even at night, it’s not unusual to see several elephants stopping for a drink!

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Explore.org – has numerous webcam streams from all over the world, including one in Laikipia County, Kenya.

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Skylinewebcams.com – Skylinewebcams has live streams from South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, The Seychelles and Madagascar.

The Ark, Kenya – This online webcam takes you to Ark Lodge, amidst the abundant animal life of the Aberdare National Park. This park covering an area of 766 kilometres in Central Kenya, within the counties of Nyandarua and Nyeri, is on the Aberdare Mountain Range, and is home to many species of animals.

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