Planning your adventure

When to travel

There is never a bad time to travel to Africa. The continent is vast with many different climates and natural phenomena that happen all year. No matter what month, there are multiple destinations that are beautiful to visit.

Where to travel

We love this question., becasue we’ve travelled extensively throughtout the continent. Are you dreaming of seeing the Wildebeast Migration, have a passion for leopards, feel inclined to float down a lazy river, have visions of endless plains dotted with Acacia trees, or spoting a lion with a Maasai tracker? Talk to us. We will help you decide where to go.

Choosing your safari style

Sumptuous or simple? Whether you are looking for comfortable camping and hiking safaris, or 5 star lodges with private guides, we can find the right safari style for your taste and budget.

Safari pricing

Going to Africa will probably not be the cheapest trip you have ever taken, but it will likely be the most memorable. We happily work with different budgets to help you prioritize and get the best trip value.


There are several non stop flights to Africa directly from the United States., however most trips will entail a stopover in Europe. We will gladly make flight arrangments for you or help you find the most efficient route to and from your destination.

Traveling with children

Thinking of a family trip? We love this idea! As Mark Twain said, “never let school get in the way of an education”, and what better education is there than travel? Africa is the best classroom there is. Wildlife, culture, science and experiencing the great outdoors is perfect for fun learning and creating amazing family memories. We have years of experience planning trips for families with children of all ages.

Activities in Africa

Think going on safari is the only activity you’ll have on your trip? Think again! Hot air balloons over national parks, river crusies on the Zambezi, yoga, horseback safaris, hiking, canoeing, and respectful cultural experiences are just some of the activities you can add to your safar

Big Journeys Start With Small Steps

~ African Proverb

Let's take the first steps together....

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