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Antsirabe (‘Place of Big Salt’) started life many centuries ago as a market village whose economy was based on salt extracted from its thermal springs and the bountiful agricultural produce of the surrounding volcanic hills. The modern town, founded in 1872 as a hill retreat for Norwegian missionaries, replaced nearby Betafo as the capital of Vakinankaratra, an ancient kingdom that had become a vassal of Imerina half a century earlier. Now the third-largest city in Madagascar, Antsirabe is an important artisanal and agricultural center, and the site of the country’s largest beer, tobacco and cotton factories.

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Antsirabe is famed for its innovative artisanal culture. Maminirina Corne de Zebu makes richly-textured souvenirs from cow horns, while the adjacent Miniature Broderie Mamy manufactures brightly colored toy cars and bicycles from recycled metal.  On Saturday a market set in a walled hilltop compound on Antsirabe’s southwestern outskirts is one of the country’s busiest and most colorful.

Surrounding Antsirabe are several scenic crater lakes stud the volcanic countryside around Antsirabe. Andraikiba, 4 miles west of town, is most popular, but the smaller Tritriva, 6 miles further southwest, is quieter. Footpaths run around both lakes but there is a fady (taboo) on swimming in Tritriva.

The pre-colonial capital of Vakinankaratra, Betafo, 13 miles west of Antsirabe, hosts a large concentration of traditional double-story clay-brick Merina homesteads.

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