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The capital of the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville is an attractive, manageable and lively small city situated on the north bank of the Congo River 315 miles upstream of where it flows into the Atlantic. Founded by the French colonists in 1880, it stands directly opposite Kinshasa, the brasher and far more populous capital of the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, a former Belgian colony.  

Discover Brazzaville

Colonial architectural highlights include a residence built for Charles de Gaulle during World War II, when Brazzaville served as acting capital of Free France, and the handsome Basilica of de Saint Anne, which was consecrated in 1949. A more modern central landmark is the lively Pato Pato Market.

Designated a UNESCO City of Music in 2013, Brazzaville boasts a vibrant nightlife and live music scene. There is also a little-known art scene, which can be explored at various small backstreet galleries.

Strolling along the Corniche opposite Kinshasa, one might reflect on the fact that this the only place on the world where two national capitals stand in view of each other on opposite sides of the same river.

A short distance west of the city center, Pont du Djoue offers a tremendous view over a set of rushing rapids at the confluence of the Djoue and Congo Rivers.

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