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Kigali has come a long way since 1994, when it was the epicenter of a genocide that claimed the lives of one-eighth of Rwanda’s people. Today it ranks among the most modern of African capitals, and it is perhaps the cleanest and most litter-free city anywhere on the continent. Situated at the geographical heart of Rwanda, Kigali also retains a pleasingly green feel and organic layout dictated by the steeply contoured slopes that earned the country its nickname “Land of a Thousand Hills”.  

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Inaugurated in April 2004, the Kigali Genocide Memorial marks a site where 250,000 genocide victims were buried over a period of three months ten years earlier. It documents the events of 1994 in sobering, harrowing detail, but also aims to educate a new generation of Rwandans – and outsiders – about the potentially disastrous consequences of unchecked racism, sectarianism and prejudice.

Kigali’s oldest building, Kandt House Museum was built in 1907 by Richard Kandt, the city’s German founder. It hosts some worthwhile displays on Rwanda’s traditional cultures and early history, and the garden is a great vantage point to take photos of the city.

 Kigali’s cosmopolitan culinary scene displays strong a French-Belgian influence, but most other major world cuisines are also represented. Local favorites include grilled goat brochettes or fried whole tilapia (a fish typical of East Africa’s lakes) served with ugali (a dry maize porridge), chapati (flat bread) or frites.

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