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Nyungwe National Park

East Africa’s largest tract of Afromontane forest, 390-square-mile Nyungwe provides sanctuary to at least 1,050 plant, 13 primate and 310 bird species, many of them endemic to the mountains of the Albertine Rift. To get the most from Nyungwe, visitors should be prepared to do some hiking on the steep and often slippery slopes. However, the park is also unexpectedly well suited to sedentary travelers, since it is bisected by a 50km surfaced road that offers superb views over the rolling green hills along with the chance to see a good selection of monkeys and birds without ever setting foot off-road.  

Discover Nyungwe National Park

The main attraction for most visitors is tracking chimpanzees, man’s closest relative. Because chimps often cover large distances, this tends to be less predictable and tougher going than gorilla tracking in the Virungas. When an encounter comes together, however, it’s a truly magical experience.  

The striking L’Hoest’s monkey is often seen along the main road, while a habituated 350-strong troop of Ruwenzori colobus is resident around the main campsite.  

Nyungwe is graced by one of Africa’s only Canopy Walkways, a thrillingly wobbly metallic construction suspended over a stream bed lined with tall trees and ferns. Around 650ft long, with a maximum height of 120ft, it offers breathtaking views over the forest and into the canopy.  

Nyungwe is one of East Africa’s most alluring birdwatching sites. The garishly-colored great blue tourist will wow more casual visitors as it flaps across the main road, while serious twitchers will hope to see some the park’s 27 Albertine Rift Endemics.  

Other day hikes lead to the most remote source of the Nile, the world’s longest river, and to the lofty 9,680ft Bigugu Peak.

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