Gretchen Healy

Gretchen Healy

Translating to “peaceful or serene” in the Maa language of the Maasai, Serian Camp is exactly that. Its setting is nothing short of idyllic, and guests feel at home from the moment they arrive.
Adrian and Roisin manage the camp, but more than that, it’s their home. They grow food for the kitchen (Adrian comes from a long line of farmers), work alongside the staff, and are raising their family in the beautiful wilds of the Mara North Conservancy.

WiFi the dog keeps guests company (and entertained), and every need is attended to, oftentimes before you realize you want something. Better yet, the service doesn’t feel at all like service – it feels like you’re a special guest in a friend’s home. That feeling is reinforced by the fact that the camp has only five tents (including one for families), and dining is family style.

Speaking of dining – there is a resident genet who is very likely to join you for dinner, coming down from the rafters to peek at diners from behind a vase. Say hello for me when you visit!

Guests at Serian are provided a private vehicle, spotter and guide, making for a special and personalized experience. Landscapes in the 80,000 acre private Mara North Conservancy is spectacular, and the wildlife never fails to please. Ask me about my recent visit to get a sense of what a stay at Serian – the Original is all about.

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