Shopping for a Cause
Some treasures that support many of our favorite people

With worldwide tourism curtailed many social organizations that depend on revenue from travelers have been left stranded.   And those individuals that regularly venture far and wide are increasingly asking how they can help. 

Since you may not be able to travel right this minute, we thought we would bring Africa to you and share some of our most inspiring and best-loved sustainable online shopping sites with you. So,  if you have a few coins in your pouch, and time on your hands to browse, here are a few recommendations to shop for a cause.

Muya is the birth child of entrepreneurial fashion designer Sara Abera. Found in Ethiopia, warmly known as the roof of Africa to locals, Muya provides the same roof to the Ethiopian weavers and craftsmen whom they retrain and assist in improved employment conditions. Sara’s dream was to bring the world closer to Ethiopia by introducing its rich heritage of traditional Ethiopian weaving. Their beautifully woven soft furnishings, table settings, distinguished fashion accessories, and distinctive pottery and furniture are handcrafted with the highest quality standards and authenticity. Visit Muya to brighten up your home, while enriching these artisans’ futures.

Sidai Design
Found in the bustling town of Arusha, Sidai Designs is an oasis of calm and a hub of creativity for all its artisans. Sidai Designs collaborates with Maasai women in Tanzania to create handmade contemporary jewelry and homeware that celebrate the traditional Maasai beading techniques while enhancing them by giving them a more modern appeal. Their vision is to provide training to Maasai women and girls, which will assist them in gaining economic freedom. Make a statement with Sidai Designs and empower Maasai women by giving them access to education and resources.

With worldwide tourism curtailed many social organizations that depend on revenue from travelers have been left stranded.  

Little Green Number
Little Green Number is the brainchild of South African born Juanita Van Der Merwe. Born from humble beginnings, the store initially started as a charitable project and has grown to its current location in Johannesburg. The Little Green Number designs unique and trendy bags from recycled billboards that are beautifully crafted, while at the same time environmentally friendly. Their ethos surrounds sustainable job creation through their community-based manufacturing micro franchising model, and their passion to keep South Africa green. Support their Buy 1 Give 1 philosophy – for every Little Green Number bag purchased, they will donate a Little Green Number to a school child in need.

Gorongosa Coffee
Rooted in the heart of the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, Gorongosa Coffee brings hope to its people, its animals, and its nature. We all love waking up to the scent of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, but what if your coffee could change a life? It would make the taste so much sweeter and add value to your morning ritual. Your daily cup of coffee will have its own little story to tell- a story of hope, compassion, and kindness. A story that supports the education of a young girl, the protection of a wild elephant, and the re-cultivation of a rainforest.

Mulberry Mongoose
The South Luangwa National Park known for its untouched, unspoiled beauty is home to Mulberry Mongoose jewelry and remains one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. Drawing inspiration from the Zambian bush, its wildlife, and its people, the jewelry is symbolic of the land. The UK born Kate Wilson, and her creative team come together to share stories, ideas, and aspirations that continue to inspire their designs. Using natural or locally sourced materials, each piece has its own unique character and allows them to reinvest in their community. Visit Mulberry Mongoose to carry a little piece of Africa with you every day

Suzie Lightfoot created Katunda with the vision of empowering women through artisanal training which would provide them with a sustainable income. It is no surprise that this store was founded in Malawi which is fondly referred to as the Warm Heart of Africa. There, uniquely handcrafted textiles, lighting, and interior pieces are made with the protection of their country in mind as they combine ethical production with recycled and sustainable materials. Decorate your home, one African dream at a time.

Co-founders Anne Sweeney & Talyn Good founded RefuSHE as a way to bring hope within the global refugee crisis. Their vision was to create a unique community for young refugee women to learn, grow, and become leaders. RefuSHE crafts beautifully hand-made accessories and scarves that are hand-dyed, using a traditional African dyeing technique called resist dyeing. Each piece has a story of the origins of its artisans and allows these talented young women to creatively express themselves while becoming self-sufficient. Beautify your wardrobe while beautifying the world.

If you haven’t quite found what you were looking for, here are a few more sustainable shops that may be of interest to you:

Kitengela Glass in Kenya
Indego Africa in Rwanda
Sun Trade Bead in Ghana

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