African Bush Camps Foundation

African Bush Camps Foundation partners with communities to improve the quality of life and achieve long-term conservation through programs focusing on education, conservation and community empowerment. The foundation identifies needs, skills and resources within communities and forges meaningful partnerships amongst the stakeholders, creating opportunities to empower the communities and their members to become self-sustaining and …

African Bush Camps Foundation

Travel for Impact

Travel for Impact (TFI), based in the village of Maun, Botswana, is a social enterprise that links the travel industry with local community projects in Northern Botswana.

Elephant Havens

Through habitat protection, community outreach, and the rescue and hand-rearing of young elephant orphans, Elephant Havens aims to become a leading voice in wildlife conservation awareness and wildlife protection. We envision a world in which African elephants and local communities co-exist without conflict, and where young elephant orphans are saved and reintroduced into the wild.


The Ecoexist Project seeks to reduce conflict and foster coexistence between elephants and people. In areas of heightened competition for access to water, food, and space, we find and facilitate solutions that work for both species.

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