Types of Safaris

What is your style?

In our many years of designing amazing adventures through Africa, we have learned that there are quite a few different styles of safari. As always, we are here to guide you through your decision making process and familiarize you with some of the options available to you. Below we have outlined some of typical ways to celebrate that special birthday, or that milestone anniversary, the epic graduation, well-earned retirement, or the YOLO – You Only Live  Once  trip. Even if you are not celebrating anything in particular and just want to experience this fascinating diverse continent, we’ve got a trip for you!

Best of the Best

Here’s where we pull out all the stops with posh accommodation, private guides, and charter flights between locations. There is a plethora of choice of elegant refined properties to suit your personal preferences and added services which envelop you in a bubble of exclusivity. Money is no object when delivering the absolute top-tier experiences which Africa has to offer.

Classic Safaris

These are safaris that are reminiscent of the early days of safari–often including tented camps and small boutique lodges. You will view wildlife in prime locations, have excellent guides, and eat sumptuous food, but this type of safari will not break the bank. Full of wonderful amenities, a classic safari will tick all of your safari dreams and whet your appetite for more.

Multi-generational trips

Building upon the fun we have with family travel, multi-generational travel adds one more layer. We love seeing the joy that grandparents have in showing their children and grandchildren (or vice-versa!) the wonders of Africa. One of the most beautiful things about multi-generational trips is that all of the tough decisions about what to do and when are made in the planning process, so all you need to do is show up in Africa and relax! Revel in spending real time together and everyone enjoying the safari in their own way.


What better way to begin your life together than on a romantic safari to Africa? Many of our partners love getting honeymoon bookings so they can spoil you with special touches and whisk you away to private settings where you can share some marital bliss. Glamorous settings await in specially designed honeymoon suites and simple celebrations of love, African style. Our experts can design a memorable safari to suit your budget and style.

Self-Drive Safaris

 For those with tremendous confidence in their driving and navigational skills, on the opposite side of the road, a self-drive could be your perfect adventure. Typically only offered in South Africa and Namibia due to their extensive network of high calibre roads, self-drives allow you to do adventure at your own pace and to see the countryside from a unique perspective. Excellent vehicles and logistics are provided for your convenience and safety.


Intrepid souls who want to spend more time out of a vehicle and need minimal amenities, fly-camping or multi-day walking safaris could be your perfect match. These safaris often focus on the wilderness experience in truly remote areas instead of the creature comforts of accommodation. Well-appointed but rugged, guests on these trips must be prepared for high energy days and simple pleasure camps under the stars.

Cultural Journeys

No matter what level of cultural engagement you wish to incorporate into your safari, we find thoughtful ways for you to interact and meet local people. Beyond simple boma visits, we can introduce you to local conservation projects, facilitate discussions, and weave local customs authentically into your daily activities. Discovering the rhythms of local life, the celebrations, the issues these communities face, and how African people are surviving and thriving will certainly enrich your safari. 

Truely Intrepid

Travel off-the-beaten-path to places that are emerging destinations. In nations like Senegal, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Chad, Congo, and The Gambia, you will be enthralled by the mixture of contemporary and ancient ceremonies, rituals, dance, music, and food. Stay in places where few have gone before and sometimes, join an exploratory trip to blaze the path for others.

Conservation Safaris

There are many ways in which people are trying to conserve the wildlife, habitats, and cultures of Africa. Engage with different projects and meet the people who make them work. Go behind the scenes to witness the inner-workings of various efforts and spend time with experts in the field. These opportunities are rare but they support worthy projects which are integral to Africa’s development and survival in today’s world.

Rail Journeys

Slow down, relax, and watch the African landscape literally roll by. Immerse yourself in comfort amidst decadent colonial decor. Savory multi-course meals are paired with fine wines and rich desserts. Off-train excursions reveal the history and conservation of the regions you visit. Wildlife viewing is often possible from the train itself or on special game drives arranged along your route. Journeys vary in length from two days to fourteen days.

River Safaris

Similar to rail journeys, spending time on some of Africa’s major rivers and lakes is a lesson in slowing down and changing your perspective on things. Offering flexible schedules each day and a variety of activities onshore, river cruising is perfect for those who need some R&R.

Stretching your Dollar

When we discuss value, we mean you get ‘more bang for your buck’. We make recommendations that will save you some money but not compromise on the quality of your experience. Sometimes traveling in the shoulder or green season will allow you to stretch your budget to include something that would not be available to you in high season. There are some camps which are lesser known but offer high quality services to guests. That’s where your value in choosing advisors like us comes in!

Big Journeys Start With Small Steps

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