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We will be honest with you, sharing all the nuances of safari costs is challenging. Travelers tend to come to us with the idea that Africa is a developing part of the world, so travel there should be ‘cheap’. For numerous reasons, this is simply not true. Even the simplest accommodation in a remote location incurs a tremendous amount of cost to just get basic supplies, staff, and amenities to the camp. Frankly, there are many ways you can enjoy a safari, but if a shoestring budget is what you have to spend, then we are not the company to plan that for you. Here’s why…

One of our top priorities is to help you get the most value out of your budget. We want to match you with the quality, styles and comforts that you can reasonably afford and we have vetted. Our advice to you is to have some preferences in mind when planning so we can realistically match you with properties and places that will deliver the experience you are expecting. We highly recommend not cutting corners on essentials like high caliber guiding and prime locations. These things can make or break a safari. Our expert designers genuinely listen to your desires and identify the best safari traits to suit YOU.

Costs include your ‘land package’–which usually excludes your overseas airfare. Your proposal will be presented as a total cost per traveler. The complex process of pricing your trip does not allow for itemized costs or ‘breakdowns’. Your land cost typically covers taxes, fees, and local payments. Usually, airfare for in-country or regional flights is quoted separately and is subject to change until time of purchase. For a safari that is designed by Africa Travel Centre you can expect a per diem cost in the range of $400 to $1800. There are many factors that determine the per diem rates and we are prepared to delve into these with you during the planning stages.

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