Zambia is a sparsely populated country but rich in diversity of its wildlife and birds. It is named after the mighty Zambezi River which has its source in the north west of the country and forms its southern border with Zimbabwe. Zambia has 19 national parks and game management areas which accounts for some 32% of the countries land. The Zambezi is fed by Zambia’s two other main rivers the Kafue and the Luangwa , both of which give their names to National Parks of international repute. South Luangwa is sometimes called ” the crowded valley ” due to its variety and concentration of wildlife. The diversity of bird species in Zambia is among the highest in the world with 740 species recorded to date. Zambia provides fabulous options for the wildlife enthusiast and adventurer including remote bush camps and old fashioned portered walking safaris like those undertaken by the early explorers of the Livingstone era.

Although most of the country remains underdeveloped, Zambia is known as one of Africa’s best kept secrets. Its National Parks have some of the most prolific wildlife and scenery to be found in Southern Africa. Most of Zambia is rural and because of its relative lack of modern infrastructure. Zambia can be a single destination for a complete safari, or it is a great add-on to an itinerary including Malawi or Zimbabwe.

Kafue National Park is Zambia’s largest National Park and is one of the largest in the world. It has forest, mixed woodland, grassland plains and several bodies of water including swamps which make for great bird viewing (over 400 species) and good fishing. The South Luangwa National Park contains one of the largest concentrations of elephant and is also noted for a high population of leopards. Walking safaris are particularly popular here. Lochinvar National Park has an exceptional variety of birds and large herd of lechwe. The Livingstone and Victoria Falls area with it’s Mosi-Oa-Runya National Park is also a favorite among tourists in the south.

Best Time to Visit

Winter is April through September and is generally has excellent game viewing with a comfortable climate. If you can stand the heat, game viewing gets even better when it heats up just before the rains, August – October.